The Talk Human Podcast

The Talk Human Podcast with Ben M Roberts and Patsy Nearkhou

The Talk Human podcast is one of Ben’s next big projects, and is joined by his awesome co-host Patsy Nearkhou!

What is the Talk Human podcast about?

The Talk Human podcast is a no holds barred audio show that looks at how business people, marketers and communicators can remain human in a digitally driven world.

In each episode Ben and Patsy cover a range of business and marketing topics that highlight examples of businesses, campaigns and ideas which have an important human element attached.

Some examples include; The failure of Fyre Festival, the irony of marketers wanting to be more human, yet also wanting more chatbots, and Gillette’s social good marketing campaign.

Patsy and Ben have 3 aims for each and every episode.

  1. Every discussion will light hearted and entertaining. This is not a show for those with terribly stiff upper lips.
  2. Patsy and Ben will often disgree. After all, it would be boring if they had the same opinions all the time right?
  3. They will always get stuck into the meat of the topic. They won;t dance around potentially sensitive areas, they will tear into them!

This is something you’ll get a feel for right from the word go! Ready to talk human yet?

Who is it for?

The podcast is for anyone interested in remaining human in a digitally driven world. It’s aimed at business people, marketers and communicators. It’s not exclusively for them though, and both Ben and Patsy encourage anyone who wants to learn and be entertained to tune in.

How often are the shows, and where can I listen?

Talk Human is a weekly audio podcast. You can listen in on any good podcast app (we will keep looking to add more locations too), many of which you can see the direct links to below.




Who sponsors the show?

The Talk Human podcast is powered by Talkative, who are also the backers of Ben’s Marketing Buzzword podcast.

Ben and Patsy are extremely grateful to this awesome tech company, which have helped to make this show a reality!