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Hello and welcome the very first episode of the Marketing Buzzword Podcast you beautiful marketing bees! This is THE podcast which seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad, and the sweet from the sour in terms of buzzwords.

I’m your host Ben Roberts and in this show I am the marketing bee in charge of helping you understand what these buzzwords mean, and how you can use them to make your businesses and your marketing better.

So, how does this show work?

Simply, you, the marketing bees let me know what buzzwords you’ve been hearing, and bring them into the marketing beehive. I then bring on an expert buzzword bee from the field, who helps us identify what these buzzwords actually mean, and whether they are useful or not. Essentially, I want to de-bunk or de-mystify these words and phrases to make the marketing jargon a little easier to understand.

To make this show ever better I want to hear from you the marketing bees, who are out there making great things happen. I want to know . . . what buzzwords you have been hearing? What ones do you like or not like? Even which ones do you hear all the time, but don’t really have an idea what they mean?

You can email me or go to and send me a message through there as well as finding articles, and previous episodes of the show.

Right that’s more than enough about me. It’s time to introduce this weeks guest! This episode’s expert buzzword bee is Dan Gingiss, former Director of Social Media for MCDonalds and former Head of Digital Marketing for Humana Corp. He is is the host of the Experience This! podcast and is a global conference speaker on the topic of customer service marketing . . .

Some important links from the episode:

Dan’s Website: Winning at Social

Dan’s Book on Amazon: Winning at Social Customer Care

Dan’s Twitter Profile

Dan’s Current Podcast: Experience This!


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