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Paid Search: Is Paid Search Sustainable? How Is Pay-To-Play On Social Media Changing Marketers Mindsets? Is It A Myth That You Need A Big Budget To Compete?

On this week’s #MarketingBuzzword Podcast, Ben M Roberts speaks to Tim Addison about ‘Paid Search’. As always the aim of the podcast is to debunk, demystify and bring back some meaning to the marketing buzzword.

Tim is a Digital Marketing Strategist at SEMrush and Advisor on Marketing and Strategy for the SignageOS startup. Tim has over 15 years of experience in marketing and has created the award-winning advertising campaigns for global B2C brands such as Coca Cola and Oriflame. Tim has joined SEMrush to educate marketers all over the world on how to improve their marketing strategies, focusing on content and advertising.

An enthusiastic Speaker at SEMrush, Tim is running fun and insightful keynote presentations on topics covering Content Marketing, Competitor Analysis, E-commerce for startups and growing organisations, PPC, SEO and Keyword strategies. With extensive knowledge in leadership, business growth strategies, process optimisation and an excellent commercial approach to creating tactics that unlocks revenue, Tim’s presentations are business oriented and practical.

As an active member of the SEMrush marketing team, Tim represented the company on the stage at several offline events in Amsterdam, The Hague, Prague, BrightonSEO, meet-ups , webinars, and online conferences. Key takeaways of Tim’s presentations are up to date with the latest marketing trends, practical and applicable insights in content building, brands, customer loyalty and winning market share. When Tim isn’t diving into the latest marketing strategies, he enjoys tech innovation, writing, running, live jazz, and socialising around quality beer, wine and food!

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Enough small talk . . . let’s talk “Paid Search”

Paid Search Interview between Ben M Roberts and Tim Addison

Transcript very soon….



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