How to never miss an episode

You wouldn’t want to miss an episode of the podcast would you? Thought not. That’s why this handy page exists.

Below is a list of the ways in which you can make sure you do not miss a single episode of the podcast, or anything else that’s going on in the Marketing Buzzword project.

Email Sign Up

Fill in the form placed the sidebar, or when it pops up on a page to get the occasional email with pure marketing honey. This will include new podcasts, new articles and new videos.

Subscribe on your podcast app

For a seasoned podcast listener, this may sound like a no-brainer, but I can tell you that not everyone subscribes that listens for 2+ episodes. If you are loving he show, please do subscribe, that way you’ll get a notification every time a new episode is released.

Save the website to your favourites

At the Marketing Buzzword we aren’t fancy enough (yet) to have desktop notifications, but if you like the website, please save it to your favourites so you can click back anytime you want!

Drop Ben a message

Don’t fancy doing any of the above? That’s cool. Instead, drop Ben a message though the contact form and he will get back to you