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This page features a number of the prominent articles, interviews and podcasts that include either Ben M Roberts or The Marketing Buzzword Project. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’ll be regularly updated.

Leaders’ advice for boosting employee productivity by Raconteur and included in ‘The Times’ Newspaper

The Times - Raconteur - Ben M Roberts


Guest on the #SocialROI Twitter Chat hosted by ManageFlitter and Madalyn Sklar to talk about ‘Social Selling’

#SocialROI - Social Selling - Ben M Roberts

In this twitter chat, Ben shared his ideas, thoughts and experiences around Social Selling. Each Twitter chat is an amazing community of ideas, and collaboration with participants from all corners of the marketing world. In this blog post recap you can find Ben’s contributions along with other people who have participated. In addition, below you will find a video ‘after-chat’ with Ben and Madalyn, where the answers given during the live chat are explained in a bit more detail!

Empathize it: Ben Roberts: Reverse Engineering the Customer Acquisition Process

Empathize it: Ben Roberts: Reverse Engineering the Customer Acquisition Process

Ever wonder how to reverse engineer the customer acquisition process to drive real value?

After meeting Ben Roberts at Engage Prague, we connected immediately. Ben is just on a social media roll and I’m honored to be part of his growth trajectory.

It’s clear that today, there’s a strong call for transparency and reinventing the process of bringing new business. People have been buying from people for years.  Today’s audiences expect more from a brand, from a service provider, from a company. Ben is fortunate to lead marketing for a company that ‘gets it.’ They’ve reverse engineered the entire process of consumer acquisition and it’s inspiring.

Trade & Invest Wales by The Welsh Government featured Ben in their promotion of Entrepreneurship in Wales

Begin Self Publishing Podcast – Meet Ben Roberts


On Tim Lewis’s Begin Self Publishing podcast, Ben was interviewed about his upcoming book ‘Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority’. In this episode we discussed the crowdfunding campaign, writing techniques and the book writing process.

12 Leading Marketing Podcasts Every Influencer Professional Should Try Out

Influencer Marketing Hub put together this article to highlight some of the world’s top influencer and marketing podcasts, which listeners can use to gain a valuable insight into working with influencers and creating a marketing strategy.

Top 30 Marketing Podcasts You Must Subscribe and Listen to in 2018

Image result for feedspot

Feedspot selected the Best Marketing Podcasts from thousands of Marketing Podcasts on the web using search and social metrics. These podcasts are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.

These podcasts are ranked based on following criteria

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts.
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Top 10 Productivity Hacks Shared by the Experts

The modern day marketer is facing two pressing challenges; 1) staying at the forefront of an ever-changing social media landscape, 2) understanding that success is achieved through maintaining this velocity without the stress.

In this article Ben was asked to share his tips on productivity and how he stays on top of all the jobs and tasks he needs to do on a daily basis.

10 Great Podcasts An Entrepreneur Could Listen To

The Alacrity Foundation scoured the web for some of the planet’s best podcasts for entrepreneurs. Ben’s Marketing Buzzword Podcast was amongst those selected, and lines up against some big hitters in the world of podcasting.

Top 28 Digital Branding Strategies from the Pros


Digital branding allows a business to establish its presence in the digital space through image, content and interactions that appeal to its target market. With digital marketing becoming increasingly sophisticated, it helps to use a combination of strategies to stand out. We curated a list of expert digital branding tips to help business owners create unique digital branding strategies in the digital world.

Ben was asked to contribute his thoughts to this blog post, and here is the result.

Ask Ben Anything – Facebook Live with Socialbakers

Ben M Roberts named Wales Online’s no.1 business professional under 35 in 2018

In July 2018 Ben was named as Wales Online’s top business professional male under 35. This is an annual list published by the country’s leading news publication and includes some of the best and brightest talent in the country, so it was a real honour for Ben to just make the list, let alone top it.

18 Marketing Podcasts That Have Built A Cult Following

Databox polled their community of digital marketers to learn about their favourite podcasts which have not yet made it mainstream. Here is what they said (hint: it includes The Marketing Buzzword Podcast).

18 Marketing Podcasts That Have Built A Cult Following

Facebook Live session with Socialbakers at #EngagePrague Social Media Conference

Live from Prague, Mantas from Socialbakers and Ben discuss, Content Marketing: How to build brand authority. Check out the recording below!

Content Marketing: How to Build Brand Authority

Content marketing – it’s not just a buzzword. What does it really take to build brand authority? Find out in our Live chat with the 🐝 podcast creator Ben M Roberts.

Posted by Socialbakers on Thursday, 17 May 2018

Ben M Roberts on Humanizing Marketing by Starting a Podcast – April 2018

Ben M Roberts on Humanizing Marketing by Starting a Podcast

Find a word to stand for, with Ben M Roberts – You are the media podcast – April 2018

In this podcast, Ben talks to host Mark Masters all about ‘Marketing Buzzwords’. Examining why people use them, what they mean and when is the right time to use them.

Marketing Buzzwords are everywhere, but how can you use a marketing buzzword to make it clear what you stand for?

Ben answers all these questions and more! Listen below, or take a look at the You are the Media Podcast website for other really cool episodes!

FInd your marketing buzzword - You are the media podcast Ben Roberts

Depict Media’s Facebook Live Interviews – March 2018

Live video session with Jen Cole and Julie Riley from Depict Media! In this interview we talked about digital marketing, online reviews, failing forward, giving it a damn good go and some of the other lessons I have learned in marketing

(We had some slight tech difficulties early on, so skip to 4:50 to get all the good stuff!

Guest on the Daniel Lemin’s Manipurated Podcast

Ben was a guest on Daniel Lemin’s Manipurated podcast talking about how Heinnie Haynes was leveraging the power of online reviews to help attract and convert customers, then help turn those customers into advocates. You can listen to the episode here: How Reviews make you Awesome.

Manipurated Podcast - How Reviews make you awesome with Ben M Roberts