Marketing Buzzword Project

The aim of the Marketing Buzzword Project is to debunk, demystify and bring back some meaning to marketing buzzwords. This is to be done in 5 phases, each with its own distinct style, but all in keeping with the aims of the project. Keep reading below to find out about each phase, what it will include and what the purpose of it is.

Phase 1 – The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

Already in full swing, The Marketing Buzzword Podcast is a dedicated weekly audio show where Ben M Roberts brings on business and marketing experts to break down and bring some meaning to common marketing buzzwords.

In each episode, Ben seeks to ask the questions that really draw out the experts’ knowledge. He looks to challenge their viewpoint and if needs be, play devil’s advocate. It’s all about the content, the insight and the knowledge.

The podcast is available on all good podcast listening apps and websites and at the time of writing, has a 100% 5* rating on iTunes.

If you want to be a guest on the podcast, or know someone that would be perfect for it, take a look at the application here.

Phase 2 – The Marketing Buzzword Blog

The blog phase of the marketing buzzword project seeks to break down and highlight marketing buzzwords from a different angle. The blog will include posts from Ben, as well as guest posts covering the topic of marketing buzzwords, as well as doing some deep dives into the role buzzwords play business and marketing.

This is a really exciting part of the project. If you would love to get involved, then please take a look here and get involved.

Phase 3 – A Personal Branding Story Video Series

Due for launch at the end of April 2018, the video series will focus on a specific marketing buzzword in each episode. In each of these episodes, Ben will face the camera alone and break down each Marketing Buzzword into a number of parts.

·        Defining the term

·        Looking at the misconceptions surrounding the term and its use

·        Decide on relevancy to businesses, and whether it is worth the investment in either time or money.

·        How to implement the buzzword into your marketing strategy.

This is set to be a great addition to the Marketing Buzzword Project

Phase 4 – Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority Book

Arguably the most ambitious part of the project, the Marketing Buzzword Book will look at bringing in all of the knowledge and insights gained from the rest of the project and put them into a single comprehensive entity, which will help guide people through them minefield of buzzwords and incorporate them into their marketing strategy.

Stay tuned for more information on this . . .

Phase 5 – World Peace (at least concerning marketing buzzwords)

Ok this is a little far-fetched but 4 phases just didn’t feel right. Maybe this phase will have some meaning in the future. Who knows? Let’s just phases 1-4 going first shall we?