Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Buzz, Buzz, Buzzzzzzzzzz. Welcome busy Marketing Bees to The Marketing Buzzword Podcast!

You’ve just entered the buzzword beehive. The place where all the awesome marketing bees come to drop off the words and phrases they’ve found on their travels around the world. This is your hub, your base for buzzword knowledge and opinions.

In each episode of this podcast I (Ben) bring you a special guest who looks to demystify or debunk a particular buzzword. They may be arguing for its use or against it, the choice is theirs. Either way you are going to get a load of content, knowledge and ideas for you to implement in your own businesses. You can find all the published podcast episodes right here.

Hold on tight, we are about to fly around the beehive and see what buzzwords have stuck to the marketing bees . . .