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Where is Ben speaking/presenting next?

  • Social Media Week Bristol - May 2019
  • Brand Marketing Summit - June 2019
  • Socialbakers Engage Paris - June 2019
  • Creative Swansea - July 2019

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    Ben M Roberts - Speaking at Socialbakers Engage Paris

    Ben's popular keynote presentations & talks

    How to build a personal brand while working for a business brand

    In order to stand out, and create a long-lasting impression, you need to build a personal brand. This sounds pretty easy, but when you work for an existing business brand it becomes a much more complex.

    In this presentation Ben shares insights on not only building a personal brand and why it is important, but also how to do it within an existing business.

    Ben’s information-packed talk will provide you with detailed insights, real-world examples, tools and ideas you can take away, practically apply and begin to build your own personal brand whether you work for yourself or an existing brand.

    How to keep your marketing human in a world dominated by machines

    The marketing landscape is evolving at an incredible pace. With so many new technologies and solutions now available, it’s difficult to
    remember that people still do business with people. In today’s landscape we should be thinking in terms of ‘machines Vs people’, instead, we need to understand how to remain human while adding new technologies and solutions.

    This keynote will help you to understand the benefits of being human in your marketing. Ben will share insights, examples of how to do this. Including practical tips that you can go and implement in your own marketing.

    Prepare to have you mind blown open at the possibilities that await you . . .

    How to use marketing buzzwords to build and showcase authority on a topic

    Marketing Buzzwords are far more important than most people care to admit. When used correctly  marketing buzzwords can be integral to building and showcasing
    authority on a topic. By aligning yourself or your brand with a buzzword, you are able to become synonymous with it and become the go-to industry leader in that field.

    Ben’s talk shines a light on the power of marketing buzzwords. He will show you how to use buzzwords the right way, and how to avoid
    buzzwords becoming jargon.

    By the end of this presentation, you will feel empowered to become the thought-leader for a particular word or phrase that aligns with your brand.

    Ben also presents on the following topics

    • Personal Branding
    • Marketing Buzzwords
    • Online Reviews
    • Podcasting
    • Marketing Strategy
    •  Content Marketing
    •  Human Marketing
    • Marketing Fundamentals

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