Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority Book

Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority

In a marketing world, which is full of noise and buzzwords, you need to find a term to stand for. You need to find something you can become an authority on, and add value to your audience. How does your audience know you? How would you like them to know you?

A essential guide to marketing buzzwords, and how to align your business and personal brand to one in order to become an authority and build influence.

When and where will it be available?

The book will be self published and available for print-on-demand by Amazon.

It will be available in both ebook form and as a paperback.

Those who helped in the creation of this book by getting involved in the initial crowdfunding campaign will be the first to know about the exact date of release. However it will be early March 2019!

How can I be kept up-to-date with its release?

Simply fill in the below form, and Ben will keep you updated via email with everything you need to know!

Book synopsis

There are buzzwords everywhere in business and marketing. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and swamped by them. There are also ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ who use these buzzwords to create a sense of superiority over the average marketer and use them to make things sound more complex than they are in reality.

This book seeks to change that. There is nothing out there on people’s bookshelves right now that looks generally at marketing buzzwords, what their purpose is and how they can and should be used both for a personal brand and a business brand.

Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority is going to become a marketers essential guide to not only understanding the mechanics around buzzwords, but how they can use them in their personal brands, and integrate them into their brand marketing strategies.

Following the rave success and growth of his ‘Marketing Buzzword Podcast’, Ben M Roberts shares his knowledge on buzzwords, shares his experiences on building a personal brand, and shares insights from discussions with industry experts on how they built authority for themselves or their businesses.

In order to make this book as digestible as possible, it has been broken down into 3 distinct sections. The first section looks at the history, current state and every-day use of business and marketing buzzwords. This will set the scene as to their importance, as well as helping the readers to understand good and bad principles regarding the use of buzzwords. This section will also explore some of the psychology around buzzwords, including their impact upon ‘sheep mentality’ (also known as herd mentality or group mentality) and, examine why some buzzwords catch on and become everyday terms, while others do not.

The second section dives into personal branding. It highlights how buzzwords can be used to build a personal profile, and how to become associated with that term to the point that you are regarded as an ‘expert’. This includes some amazing guests from ‘The Marketing Buzzword Podcast’ including Bryan Kramer, Chris Strub, Madalyn Sklar, Andrew & Pete, Mark Masters and more . It also goes into the benefits and issues of building a personal brand within an existing business brand.

The third section looks at the role of buzzwords and terms within a marketing plan. It will look at how buzzwords can be used to bring a team together and help create a unified approach and voice to marketing within an organisation, so that the business or organisation can become known for its association with a specific term. It will also showcase why businesses should encourage employees to build a personal brand and their own authority, which in turns, helps the business be recognised as an authority. This section will also include some amazing case studies from brands and people like SocialBakers, Jessika Phillips of Now Marketing Group, an my own experiences at Talkative..

You should consider this book like an important map or like a tour guide. It will show you key points of interest, give you some history, lessons and examples of what worked and didn’t work. This book is designed to inspire and motivate you to take action on buzzwords, and use them to build authority on a subject for you or for your brand. Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority

It’s Ben’s mission to try and make the words of buzzwords that much easier to understand. Having built his own personal brand, several company brands and through his experiences breaking down buzzwords every week on his podcast, he is the perfect person to create this book, for this audience