About the Podcast

About the Marketing Buzzword Podcast

Buzz, Buzz, Buzzzzzzzzzz. Welcome busy Marketing Bees to The Marketing Buzzword Podcast!

You’ve just entered the buzzword beehive. The place where all the awesome marketing bees come to drop off the words and phrases they’ve found on their travels around the world. This is your hub, your base for buzzword knowledge and opinions.

In each episode of this podcast I (Ben) bring you a special guest who looks to demystify or debunk a particular buzzword. They may be arguing for its use or against it, the choice is theirs. Either way you are going to get a load of content, knowledge and ideas for you to implement in your own businesses. You can find all the published podcast episodes right here.

Hold on tight, we are about to fly around the beehive and see what buzzwords have stuck to the marketing bees . . .

What is The Marketing Buzzword Podcast all about?

The Marketing Buzzword Podcast is an on demand radio show which looks to debunk or demystify common business or marketing buzzwords and phrases. These are words and phrases that you the marketing bees have picked up on your travels and brought back to the marketing beehive.

Here at the marketing beehive, I help find expert buzzword bees who can help make sense of the buzzwords that are brought back.

Where did the idea come from?

We’ve all seen, heard and used buzzwords. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible not to, especially if you working marketing or generally in business.

There is a problem though . . . and it’s not necessarily with the buzzwords themselves, but peoples understanding of them. That’s where the idea for the podcast came from. The idea has no developed into this, a podcast where experts in the field address and help provide clarity to these buzzwords and phrases.

How often are the episodes?

At this point the podcast will run bi-weekly (one episode every two weeks). However, if the demand is there, then who knows what could happen . . .

You can find all of the past episodes on the website here, on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud or any other places you get your podcasts.

Who is the host?

The host is me, Ben M Roberts. I am a marketer based in the UK who loves nothing more than building and implementing marketing strategies and helping companies utilise Online Reviews as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

If you want to know more, and find out how I can potentially help you, take a look at my website here.