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Hello again and welcome back to the Marketing Buzzword Podcast!

This is the podcast which helps you to understand what all of these business and marketing buzzwords actually mean, and how they can helpful going forward, and today’s buzzword is “Millennial Marketing”

I’m your host Ben M Roberts and in this show I am the marketing bee in charge making sure I can get the right guests and ask the right questions to make these words and phrases make sense.

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So, how does this show work?

Simply, you, the marketing bees let me know what buzzwords you’ve been hearing, and bring them into the marketing beehive. I then bring on an expert buzzword bee from the field, who helps us identify what these buzzwords actually mean, and whether they are useful or not. Essentially, I want to de-bunk or de-mystify these words and phrases to make the marketing jargon a little easier to understand.

I’m always keen to hear about the buzzwords you are loving or hating right now so please drop me a tweet to @roberts_ben_m or simply use #marketingbuzzword on Tiwtter & Instagram or if you’d rather you can go on the website and let me know through there, and take a look at the show notes from previous guests.

Then one final thing before we get onto this weeks guest . . . if you are loving the show, please feel free to leave me a review on iTunes! It really does help boost the shows profile and make it easier to keep getting on these expert guests.

Right that’s more than enough about me. It’s time to introduce this weeks guest! This episode’s expert buzzword bee is a friend and all round top guy, and his name is Ash Phillips.

At 19, Ash dropped out of university to start his first business. Realising how tough a task it was without any support around him, he found it to be a lonely & costly journey with a huge learning curve.

3 years later, after building a career in the digital and creative marketing industry, Ash founded Yena – a global community of rebellious minds. Yena connects founders & startups with each other and offers the support they need to start & grow remarkable businesses. Now 4 years old, Yena is situated in 10 cities across the UK and growing internationally in 2018.

Since Yena’s growth and success, Ash has been named on reputable lists such as the Maserati100, featured in press such as The Sunday Times & Forbes, and won awards like Mentor/Advisor of the Year vs people 20+ years his senior, now helping to connect thousands of people and working closely with hundreds of startups each year.

You can get in touch with or find out more about Ash in any of these places:

Yena Website

Yena Facebook Page

Ash’s Twitter

Enough small talk . . . let’s talk “Millennial Marketing”


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